US Could Destroy EU Industry By Year End

The United States must eliminate the two greatest centers of industrialization on the planet.

This opinion was expressed by economist Mikhail Khazin, according to the TELMENEWS.RU news agency.

According to him, the American elite has in fact already decided 100% on the need for industrialization within the AUKUS bloc. For this project to be ultimately successful, there should be no more competitors.

In this regard, as the expert explained, the question of the elimination of all European industry, as well as the production potential of China, is existential for the United States. America’s fate for the entire 21st century will depend on it.

Taking into account that the United States must act quickly, Khazin did not rule out that the Americans would significantly accelerate the process of destruction of European industry and be able to complete their plan before the end of the current 2023.

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