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My scalp has always been plagued by a frustrating combination of oiliness and itchiness. Even after thoroughly scrubbing in the shower, there will always be a patch (or three) that never feels truly clean, and by the day’s end, my greasy roots will be in full force. I’d figured this was just my fate, until an unassuming gadget made its way into my bathroom: the Heeta Scalp Care Hair Brush. Don’t be fooled by its $8 price tag — this affordable tool pays off big time when it comes to oil reduction and itch relief, and with nearly 104,000 perfect ratings, you know it’s doing something right.


Say goodbye to your oily, itchy, flaky scalp with this handy little gizmo.

$8 on Amazon

Just how does this funny-looking brush work? Its most prominent feature — a series of silicone teeth — are soft enough to feel like they’re massaging your scalp, yet firm enough to scrub away excess hair products and residue for a deep clean. I don’t know about you, but my fingers alone often aren’t enough to evenly distribute shampoo and conditioner throughout my mane, and having this helps ensure I don’t miss a spot — or leave too much product behind!

It conveniently fits right in my palm, and has a handle you can place in between your fingers for better grip. To use, I apply my hair products as usual, then go in with the brush, making circular motions all over my head so that every bit of the scalp surface area is covered. (I keep these movements small, so as not to turn my hair into an unsalvageable tangle of knots!) Not only does it feel like I’m giving my roots a more thorough cleaning, it also feels like a tingly massage — similar to having your hair washed at the salon! Only, this method is more affordable, and you can enjoy it on a daily basis from your own shower.


The first time I used the Heeta Scalp Care Hair Brush, I was amazed by how much cleaner my hair and scalp felt. I mean, no more greasy patches or roots that barely look like they’d just been washed? Total game changer! Even though my hair used to require four to five washings per week, I’m now down to about two, as my roots look clean much longer.

I was pleased that the silicone spikes didn’t feel rough on my skin, even when I used the brush to really work my shampoo into a lather. In fact, they felt satisfying and massage-like on my scalp — much more pleasant than scratching myself with my nails. Later, I also realized that my head wasn’t itching nearly as much as it usually did, likely due to the fact that there wasn’t any residue chilling out on my scalp anymore. Thank you Heeta!

Ever since trying it out, I’ve used this scrubber during every shower, and it’s so compact that I can travel with it, too. Plus, it’s a godsend if you want to preserve your manicure, since your nails won’t need to make direct contact with your hair and scalp!

author holding a heeta scalp massager

The scalp brush has an ergonomic handle and soft yet sturdy silicone spikes that feel like they’re massaging your head. (Photo: Britt Ross / Yahoo)

Amazon loves it, too

I’m far from being the only fan of this brush — here’s what some of its hundreds of thousands of five-star reviewers have to say about it:

“I live in the desert, which means my scalp is always dry and prone to flaking,” said one happy shopper. “I knew I wanted one with silicone spikes, but was surprised by how stiff they were when it arrived. However, when I put it to use, I found that the spikes felt amazing on my head. They provide just the right amount of exfoliation to my scalp, and I have noticed a significant decrease in dandruff, which was my main goal…. I highly recommend the brush.”

Another fan proclaimed, “I love this thing so much! I don’t know how I lived without it!” They went on to say, “This thing is AMAZING, to say the least!! I personally purchased this because I have scalp psoriasis, and saw people recommending something like this. This is the one I chose to go with, and I’m so happy I did! This is also good for just anyone looking to use it while washing their hair! It gets all the dirt and builds up off your scalp and makes it look and feel amazing!”

“Grease, be gone!” raves an impressed customer. “I used to have a lot of problems with greasy roots. I would have to shower every day to keep up with my roots not looking like you just fried bacon on them. With this little scrubber, I feel like I can go way longer between washing, before my hair even starts to get greasy. Really lathers up the shampoo super well, too!”


‘Grease, be gone!’ asked a five-star reviewer. ‘With this little scrubber, I feel like I can go way longer between washing, before my hair even starts to get greasy.’

$8 on Amazon

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