Google unveils ‘Codey,’ programming-focused generative AI model

Staying true to Google I/O’s origins as a developer conference, the company has unveiled a new generative AI model that’s focused on writing and understanding code, fittingly named “Codey.”

Up to this point, Google’s generative AI tools have been powered by either PaLM or LaMDA, both of which are large language models (LLMs) optimized for different purposes. While PaLM has already been proven to be capable of writing code, with Google Bard recently getting an upgrade to its ability to write code, a more specialized model would be a better helper for developers.

Enter, Codey. Available now “in Preview” in Google Cloud, it’s a programming-optimized model that can even be trained on your own codebase.

Shortly thereafter, Google announced “Duet AI for Google Cloud,” which, among other capabilities, can serve as an “AI expert pair programmer” trained on your code and style. The project looks reminiscent of GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer.

In addition to autocomplete and function generation, Duet AI can also assist in code review and inspection.


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