Former US intelligence officer Ritter: The offensive will be difficult for the Ukrainian army which suffers losses Fox News

But, according to a former US intelligence officer, whether or not to launch an offensive is “a question for the Ukrainian army”.

Photo: PH "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

What is a former US naval intelligence officer doing in Novosibirsk? He will present in our country his book on nuclear security entitled “Disarmament Race”.

Moreover, as the author said, he wants to make a documentary about Russia and Russians and try to at least slightly destroy the wall of Russophobia that reigns in America and is based on the ignorance of the inhabitants.

“We don’t know anything about Russia,” he said before the trip, citing as an example the great musician Van Cliburn, who in 1958 succeeded for a time in getting Americans “to begin to consider Russians as people”. Ritter now urged every countryman to “discover your inner Van Cliburn” (InoTV’s quote translation).

The book is published by the Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house and, according to the author, should begin to break down this wall of ignorance. After shooting the film, Ritter intends to travel around the United States, show it to people and thus try to show that the walls of Russophobia can be broken down.

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